Our Team

First and foremost it’s over 200 deals closed which exceeds the success rate of virtually all of our peers in the middle market here in the Midwest. Our team includes highly seasoned professionals with the critical experience gained from years in the trenches solving problems and getting deals done.

We combine dealmaking skills and industry knowledge with the creative finance and tax experience of our CPA’s to make sure the deal is right from the start. Our founder, Eric Lundstrom, has read more balance sheets, income statements, purchase agreements and contracts than most and can quickly identify issues that can make or break a deal.

Each project is run by a Managing Director that understands the client’s industry and how to uncover the hidden intangible value of the business. Our professionals have run businesses and have been trusted advisors in consulting, allowing for a unique blend of experience to solve the most difficult problem. Our long-standing relationships with lawyers, accountants, bankers and investors provides us with an extremely powerful network to get us to the right buyer who recognizes the full value of your business, or the seller that make your business or platform even more valuable.

Lastly, we are very active in a wide variety of trade associations and professional organizations, so we are always current on the latest news and trends in the Credit Markets and the business world of Mergers and Acquisitions. Our philosophy goes well beyond many of our peers that focus on matchmaking. We remain focused solely on our client’s success!

Eric R. Lundstrom

Founder & President

Eric E. Dunn

Managing Director

Michael B. Ribet

Managing Director

Kevin Simpson

Managing Director

John E. Stephenson




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