Contract Medical Device Manufacturer

 Founded in 1991, this Contract Medical Device Manufacturer (the “Company”) had evolved into an integrated supplier of OEM Silicone Medical Devices and Components. Built on superior on superior quality and a solid commitment to meeting the challenge of any silicone application the owners had attracted a blue chip customer and talented team of people.

The Company had the equipment and skills to build the tools and prototype parts as well as handle the production run all under one roof. The facility located in the Midwest had ample capacity and talent for expansion and needed to find the right buyer that could see the opportunity to take this business to the next level of success. However, the financial and management systems were not sophisticated and could potentially be a problem in the sale process.


Public Warehousing Provider

Established in 1983 the Company grew into a substantial regional public warehousing, distribution, packaging and transportation services provider operating a 306,000 square foot facility in Central Illinois. A wholly-owned subsidiary of a large holding company, this 3PL company consistently provided the parent with positive cash flow and few headaches over the years. It did, however, become somewhat of a stepchild as the parent company was never able to execute their original plan to expand this part of their holdings and after the loss of a major customer, the decision was made to sell the 3PL business.


Residential Security Company

Two very successful entrepreneurs built a company which provides homeowners with replacement windows, doors and siding. The Company has grown by multiples from its size when they acquired it and generates very positive cash flow. The owners posed the question: “Can we establish a platform in another industry which will allow us to leverage the marketing knowledge and resources that we have gained?” The team hired Focus Capital Advisors to advise them on the strategy, help them to focus in on a particular industry, identify acquisition targets and get the deals closed.


Foodservice Equipment Manufacturer

Founded in 1926, this foodservice equipment manufacturer (the “Company”) had evolved into an extended family business that had reached its fourth generation of family members. The Company had become best known for its product lines of fryers and dough machines used by chain restaurants and foodservice operations.

As the third and fourth generation family members began to examine the business climate, they realized they were facing challenges that previous generations had not encountered. To begin with the facility was significantly larger than needed. Earlier generations had used this facility to manufacturer all of the company products however, sales volumes were now lower and manufacturing costs were high compared to competitors making similar products overseas. Faced with slowly declining sales and legacy costs of the family business, the owners knew that outside help would be needed to be able to continue the business and grow to the next level of success.



IT Staffing Solutions

Strong Midwest based IT Staffing business had two of three owners ready for transition to retirement.  A strategic search led us to a terric buyer allowing the remaining owner to access new resources to grow the business whiile two retirement minded owners could begin the transition.

Retailer of Women’s Apparel

$10 million Working Capital Revolver
This St. Louis retailer was going through a cyclical and seasonal rough patch as it racked up losses for 2 years in a row. Its banks weren’t amused by their turn in fashion and referred in Francisco who arranged for a $10mm working capital line which took the bank out whole and gave the company a three year facility to fight another season. The facility was secured by store inventory and was based on a specialty appraiser’s valuation and required close monitoring of the collateral.

Interstate Trucking Company

$14 million Working Capital Revolver and Equipment Term Loan
This Utah based interstate trucking company was being threatened with liquidation by their existing lender due to 3 years of losses. Francisco structured a 3 year credit facility to haul it out of the lender’s workout portfolio and give the company a new lease on life. The facility was fully secured by receivables and the liquidation value of the trucks and the lender got their loan repaid in full.

Auto Parts Supplier

$10 million Term Loan
Another Michigan based private equity group was attempting to close an acquisition of an auto parts stamper in Ohio, creating a large integrated supplier of automotive exhaust systems. While they had no trouble sourcing financing for the working capital portion of the deal, they were coming up short on the term loan component. (One can say they were near exhaustion.) Francisco introduced this opportunity to a New York based equipment lender who stepped up for a $10mm share of the credit, allowing the acquisition to go forward. This was a combination equipment and cashflow loan and was based on the lender’s familiarity with the auto business.

Metal Fabricator

$40 million Working Capital Revolver
This Iowa based copper fabricator was owned by a Korean company and was being pressured by their commercial bank. The lender was extending unsecured credit and was becoming uncomfortable with the credit as a result of falling copper prices, a faltering Korean economy which put the parent guaranty into question and two years of losses.


Branded Bicycle Manufacturer and Marketer

$25 million Revolver and Term Loan
A Michigan based private equity group was attempting to purchase a US based manufacturer and marketer of bicycles. Francisco arranged for an asset based lender along with another bank to extend a $25mm facility with a significant overadvance against collateral.



The Nation’s First Medicaid Eligibility Service Provider

East coast law firm that was looking for additional sources of revenue and profits and a recurring revenue stream that created value long term.  Strategic initiative to expand the practice beyond traditional legal work and create a Medicaid eligibility service provider.  Added additional services and grew non-legal revenues to $65 million annually. At that stage, the business had gained such significant value it was ideal for a private equity recapitalization allowing the partners a tremendous return on investment and very large capital gain distribution.



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