Capital, good rates make for a ‘frothy’ M&A environment

These companies are seeking to grow and their cash on hand combined with a favorable lending environment make the buy vs. build decision easy. They want to buy and typically will pay a premium for good companies with synergistic attributes to their businesses
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Middle Market Value Drivers

Many qualities can make a company an attractive acquisition target. Successful companies are likely to attribute their marketability to such qualities as an established and growing customer base, recurring revenue sources and a seasoned dynamic management team. Knowing how to emphasize and market these features can mean the difference between good offers and those that fall below owners’ expectations.
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Prepare now for the next stage of your life.

Many owners get so caught up in the day-to-day concerns of running a company that they spend almost no time thinking about what their life will be like after they sell their business. Unfortunately, retirement and estate plans don’t happen on their own. This article provides a concise guide to the crucial retirement income and wealth transfer decisions that need to be made at this stage in an owner’s life. 
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Five things you should know about prospective M&A advisors

Because most business owners don’t have the knowledge, contacts and time to buy or sell a company on their own, deciding that an M&A professional can help with the complicated process is an important first step. This article lists some of the most important questions to ask about prospective M&A advisors, including background, experience, reputation and fees.
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Chicago Tribune Article about Choosing the Right intermediary

An article in the Chicago Tribune compares the results achieved by two business owners. One chose Focus Capital Advisors, the other chose another broker.
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